Company Overview

The inspiration for the name Fat Dog Design came in 1989 while producing an annual report for the RARE Center for Tropical Bird Conservation, a local charity organization.

Our name was chosen to convey a lightheartedness that juxtaposed nicely with the more refined feel of our design style, adding to a more complete view of the agency personality.

In 1995 the name was officially registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau. Since early 1999, Fat Dog Design has operated as a full-time studio focusing on providing clients with intelligent, cost effective marketing and communications solutions.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to maximize their ROI, helping them gain market share, implement plans more effectively, and create a higher profile in the community.

We do this by the use of integrated marketing, unique brand development, and no-nonsense creative design.

We believe that when it comes to your communications. . .

Your bark should be as good as your bite.